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Let’s Civilize Telecom

Tired of dealing with companies that seem more focused on tricking you into spending more money rather than delivering real value?

Telepath is a customer-focused, boutique telephone company. Our specialty is small and medium businesses. Let our over twenty years of telecom experience help your business take full advantage of today’s technology options.

Toll Free

5ยข/min Canada/USA, 24/7

Toll Free 800 Inbound

  • We use top quality tier-one underlying carriers. Call quality and volume is excellent. Accurate Call Display information is passed through virtually every time.
  • 30/6 billing (Calls are billed a 30 second minimum and then in 6 second increments)
  • No plan, monthly, administration or Network Access Fee
  • No minimums

Billing Options:

  • Line Descriptions
  • Call Detail
  • eCall Detail (traffic detail available as an Access MDB file)
  • Traffic Reports (origination & destination)
  • Multiple Locations on One Invoice
  • Schedule-based Routing
  • Area Code/NXX Routing
  • Jurisdiction Restrictions
  • Courtesy Response
  • Enroute Announcement

Visit the toll free support section for more information on how to use this service.