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Tired of dealing with companies that seem more focused on tricking you into spending more money rather than delivering real value?

Telepath is a customer-focused, boutique telephone company. Our specialty is small and medium businesses. Let our over twenty years of telecom experience help your business take full advantage of today’s technology options.

Your Privacy

This Policy describes Telepath’s collection, use and/or disclosure of personal information.

It governs the behaviour of employees and agents acting on Telepath’s behalf when dealing with personal information. It provides procedures for an individual’s access to and correction of personal information.

Personal information includes information about an identifiable individual, presented in any form, such as: age, name, ID number(s), income, ethnic origin, opinions, evaluations, social status, disciplinary actions, credit records, loan records, medical records.

Personal information does not include the name, title, address and telephone number of an employee of an organization.

Telepath’s Privacy Policy is enacted pursuant to the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act§, and is effective as of January 1, 2001.

This Telepath Privacy Policy is organized along ten privacy principles, which are:

1. Accountability
2. Identifying Purposes
3. Consent
4. Limiting Collection
5. Limiting Use, Disclosure and Retention
6. Accuracy
7. Safeguards
8. Openness
9. Individual Access
10. Challenging Compliance

Click on the links below to learn more about how Telepath has has adopted these ten principles.

* The Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act governs the collection, use and disclosure of personal information in the commercial sector.

** Under the Act, Telepath is required to adhere to ten privacy principles set out in the National Standard of Canada, Model Code for the Protection of Personal Information.