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Let’s Civilize Telecom

Tired of dealing with companies that seem more focused on tricking you into spending more money rather than delivering real value?

Telepath is a customer-focused, boutique telephone company. Our specialty is small and medium businesses. Let our over twenty years of telecom experience help your business take full advantage of today’s technology options.

Hosted IP PBX

$90/per month

Tired of paying Bell $50/month for each basic business line?

With Telepath’s Hosted IP solutions you get all the fully featured lines you need, a cutting-edge phone system, business internet, and support, for less than the cost of your basic phone lines! Growing? Need more capacity? No problem, you can add additional lines from our web site. Stop making Bell rich and start connecting with your customers.

Free your workers

Do any of your employees work at multiple locations or spend time on the road? Let them take their phone extension home or on the road using Telepath’s VoIP solution. Simply connect their office phone to the Internet and it automatically becomes an office extension. Remote employees enjoy all the same calling features and communication rates they do in the office. Make telecommuting a reality, effortlessly.

Lose the receptionist, but retain the human touch

Do you really want the CEO of your top client to listen to your auto-attendant each time they call you? Telepath’s VoIP solutions allow you to route incoming calls based on any number of criteria (who’s calling, time of day, geographic location), all using an intuitive web interface. Need to change your auto-attendant recordings? No problem, you can make high quality recordings on-the-fly at any time. Going digital was never easier.

The telephone for the 21st century

Do you store your contacts electronically in an address book such as Outlook? When you phone someone in your address book do you manually enter the phone number on your phone’s keypad? Do you find this annoying? With Telepath’s VoIP solution, you can call a phone number in your address book by simply clicking on it. No more wasted time misdialing numbers. Welcome to the 21st century.

Never miss an important call

Ever missed an important phone call while away from your desk? With Telepath’s VoIP solution, you can have your desk, home office, and mobile phones ring when someone calls you. Simply pick-up one phone and the others stop ringing. Don’t let your phone system disconnect your from your important calls.

One wire, unlimited connections

Is your desk a mess of wires? With Telepath’s VoIP solution, no new wires are needed for your phone. Simply connect your VoIP phone to your existing computer network jack and your computer to the phone. A virtually unlimited number of phone lines can be supported by a single network cable. Get more connected with fewer connections.

Extend your brand

Do you know that a phone number can be a powerful marketing tool? With the Telepath VoIP solution you can control the name and number that appears on the caller ID display of the people you call. This allows your customers to easily identify you and call you back when they want to place an order. Promote yourself each time you make a call.

Voice messages in your email inbox

How often do you listen to dozens of voice messages in order to get to the important one you want to hear? With Telepath’s VoIP solution, your voice messages are automatically delivered to your email inbox. Identified by the caller, you can now easily listen to your important messages first. Manage your voice messages from the same convenient interface as you do your email.

Keep your accountant happy

In addition to helping your business make more money, the Telepath VoIP solution saves you serious money. We leverage the power of VoIP to bring you the lowest communication costs possible. More power, less cost.