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iFax is a service that allows you to receive incoming faxes by email as a PDF attachment to a message.

You can either be assigned a new number or convert your existing number.

All faxes sent to your new iFax number will be answered by a central server. The fax will be converted to a PDF and attached to an email. The message will then be sent within minutes to the email address(s) of your choice.

Your faxes will always be answered.

1. No more busy signals due to your fax machine being already engaged sending or receiving another fax.
2. No more unanswered faxes because your fax machine ran out of paper or toner.
3. No more unanswered faxes because your line is down or are in the middle of a move.
4. No more unanswered faxes because your machine is down for maintenance.

You can conveniently organize, store, forward or delete faxes as they come in. No need to waste paper printing junk faxes anymore.

iFax will revolutionize the way you receive faxes.