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Let’s Civilize Telecom

Tired of dealing with companies that seem more focused on tricking you into spending more money rather than delivering real value?

Telepath is a customer-focused, boutique telephone company. Our specialty is small and medium businesses. Let our over twenty years of telecom experience help your business take full advantage of today’s technology options.

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Telepath offers a full range of telecom solutions. Everything is billed together on one easy-to-read invoice emailed to you each month.

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Client Support

Helpful information about our services. Details about using features, options and troubleshooting to help Telepath customers get the most from their services.

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11.30.15 -

Wireless – Free International Long Distance Saver

All of our lines now have Bell’s International Long Distance Saver feature free of charge (normally $5/month). This means that in most cases the rates to call outside of Canada/USA have been reduced substantially. Click here for the list of rates.

11.30.15 -

Wireless – Flat Rate US Roaming

Telepath Wireless users now pay predictable flat rates when roaming in the US:


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07.20.10 -

Directory Assistance from a mobile phone can cost as much as $3.00 each. Read more